Program Design, Services,
Exercises, and Equipment

Program Design
Warm-Up increases quality and effectiveness of workout and minimize injury
Stretching enhances flexibility and reduces muscle soreness
Cardiovascular Exercise increases cardiovascular fitness, circulation and endurance         Strength Training increases muscle's ability to exert force
Flexibility Training increases range of motion of joints
Cool-Down lowers heart rate after workout

Toning provides body with muscle definition
Fat Burning burns excess fat to obtain lean, long appearance
Weight Loss -proportional loss of weight
Weight Mass/ Gain- proportional gain of weight
Rehabilitation strengthen injured or weakened muscles

Circuit Training- Combination of cardiovascular and resistance training
Interval Training- High, short intensity exercises altered with rest
Boxing- Boxing training exercises
Kickboxing -Kickboxing training exercises
Cardio-Kickboxing -Combines boxing, aerobics, and kickboxing
Aerobics -Body movements designed to burn fat

Boxing Gloves and Pads, Mini-Stepper, 8-Pound Ball
Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Trampoline
Hula-hoop, Stepper, Weight Bench
Jump-Rope, Toning, Ball, Etc.